Setting up alarm system

Chris Raber just set up my alarm system. He is the most kind, patient and professional person I have ever met. It was a pleasure meeting him and having him guide me through the system. You are fortunate to have such a person in your employ as I was to have him set up my system.

(November 07, 2013 ~ 12:04 PM)
By Mrs. A. Merrell

New system

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: We are writing to say how pleased we are with the installation of our new system from beginning to end. First of all to Tim Raber, for explaining all the details and cost to install a new system, he was very professional, courteous and did not hesitate to answer our many questions. Secondly, to Christine in scheduling, for following up and being able to move us up by 2 days, as we requested. And to Scott, for an exceptional installation. He reviewed all the equipment so we knew exactly what he was installing, he was organized and very thorough, he cleaned up and explained how to use the keypad. Thanks to all of them and we hope this positive experience will continue in the future. Sincerely, Richard and Josephine R

(September 20, 2012 ~ 2:16 PM)
By Richard and Josephine R

An Outstanding Employee

We have a 1970s Alarm System with silent holdup boxes and a loud burgler Alarm. We know our house is secure and with Fred as our technician (one of the few that know our antique system)we also know it will always be up and running with him taking care of it. he has spent countless hours sometimes a whole shift just to make sure we are secure, You just dont get that kind of service any more and when you do you make sure that you keep them. Our Highest compliments to Alarmco and people like Fred

(July 27, 2012 ~ 7:49 AM)
By Carson Family


I like Alarmco, no I love Alarmco. I have had other carriers and the customer service from the sales force to the operators on the phone is superb. My alarmc has gone off numerous times by mistake and each time Alarmco has beat me to the phone. I can never call fast enough but they are calling me. Other carriers wait 3-5 minutes or don't call at all. They also never make you feel belittled. I recommend them to everyone I come across asking for a dependable alarm company. Thank you Alarmco you are the best.

(April 03, 2012 ~ 12:57 PM)
By Darlene Martel


You are always there for us. I call and you treat us as if we are your best customer. You have that special tone in your voice that says "Were taking care of you". Thank You for making us feel special although I know we are one of many of your customers.

(April 03, 2012 ~ 12:52 PM)
By Betty McIntyre

A Happy Customer

We have used Alarmco for the past 40 years and we can honestly say, we have never had a problem that wasn't taken care of immediately. The service representatives are always as helpful and courteous as anyone could hope for. The cost of my monthly service has always been reasonable and we plan to keep using Alarmco as long as it's available.

(April 03, 2012 ~ 11:51 AM)
By Irene Kaufman


I like Alarmco because they made me feel safe even if I'm the only one in the house. I can sleep without worries. I can go outside at night knowing I can have help with just a click.

(April 03, 2012 ~ 11:46 AM)
By Anonymous