Home Security Services

  • Locksmiths (24/7 mobile)
  • 24 hour Alarm monitoring
  • Never an overtime charge for service calls
  • Service calls are included with your Alarmco installed system*
    (*Terms and agreement applies)

Many homeowners today understand the vital need of installing an alarm system in their home before the burglars arrive. Daily, we receive calls from many homeowners after they experience a break-in. The anguish over their lost feeling of security is tragic.

Don't let this happen to you.

Your home should be a refuge for you and your family, but the rising home crime rate has created anxiety among homeowners across the country. Crime prevention experts agree that traditional law enforcement alone is not sufficient.

alarmco vanIn these days of rising crime statistics, the odds of your home being burglarized are higher than ever. Securing your home is no longer a matter of prestige; it's a common sense decision. When you select an Alarmco custom security system, you can be assured that you have chosen Nevada's most reliable and professional full service Security Company.

You will find that a security system is a vital deterrent to burglars. If the system is "tripped" a signal is sent to our Local UL listed 24-hour Monitoring Center, because we provide the best possible protection to our most valued asset - our subscribers.

Our sales staff will take the time and effort to custom design your system to fit your individual needs. Our highly qualified installation personnel will install our equipment and offer all the assistance and instruction you and your family needs to maximize your system's effectiveness. At Alarmco, Customer Service and Satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE goal.

When a potential burglar sees an Alarmco decal and/or yard-sign he probably will go to an unprotected home that is a better target.

The advantages of having a monitored security system installed at your business are obvious, but did you know that you could qualify for insurance discounts as well? Contact your insurance agent to see what type of protection you need to qualify.

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