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Fire Alarm Systems

Quality and Experience from the leading fire service company in Southern Nevada.

Alarmco installs the Fire-Lite brand systems from the most basic to the most sophisticated fire alarm systems. From small shops to large facilities, we have the right system for your business.

We can also service and repair most existing fire alarm/smoke detection systems to ensure they are in optimal working condition.


Fire Alarm Service in Southern Nevada

  • Fire Alarm Installation.
  • Control Panel, Heat Detectors, Horn/Strobe, Keypads, Pull Stations, and Smoke Detectors.
  • Fire Alarm Inspections / Tests. (Per Local Codes)
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring.
  • Fire Alarm Repair and Service.
  • Sprinkler System Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Monitoring.
  • Evacuation Systems Installation and Monitoring.
  • Elevator Call Box Monitoring.
  • Firewatch

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Keeping our Fleet in tip top shape and our employees safe. Thank you Alex. :)