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Business Security Services

  • Locksmiths (24/7 mobile)
  • 24 hour Alarm monitoring
  • Never an overtime charge for service calls
  • Service calls are included with your Alarmco installed system*
    (*Terms and agreement applies)

One of today's top concerns of managers and business owners is to prevent theft and burglaries. Businesses must also protect themselves from other situations such as employee theft, shop lifting and the large liability of personnel safety.

Since 1950, Alarmco, Inc. has been providing its business customers with state-of-the-art burglar alarms, fire alarms; video surveillance, electronic entry access and UL certified alarm systems. The professional sales staff at Alarmco can customize your security system to meet your individual needs as well as to satisfy insurance company requirements. Our 24-hour UL listed Local Monitoring Center along with our licensed Locksmith and Guard Service makes Alarmco the number one choice for all your company's security needs.

The advantages of having a monitored security system installed at your business are obvious, but did you know that you could qualify for insurance discounts as well? Contact your insurance agent to see what type of protection you need to qualify.

Please call or fill out the form at the top of this page for your free no-obligation on-site consultation.

Alarmco provides a full range of products & services that exceed your expectations. We install, monitor, and service a wide range of systems.

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