In previous articles we mentioned the testing and certification requirements we subject some of our employees to.  Most of the tests that they take are voluntary but we require it because it is the right thing to do.  We take your safety and your business very seriously and therefore we test the equipment that we use just as thoroughly as we do our employees.  People may wonder what they are paying us for which is a very good question.  Many times the only contact a subscriber has with us is when they pay the bill each month.


There are so many things that go on in the background.  It would take weeks to explain them all but one of the many ways that we set ourselves apart is by rigorously testing every type of device we might send out in the field.  We set the equipment up and use it in the same manner in which it would be used every day.  We also subject it to abuses that it would not usually encounter and wait to see how it performs.  We try to break it or make it fail in order to find out how reliable it is but also to find out what its true capabilities are.  Evaluating the product can take months but once we have determined it’s reliable and affordable we may use it. 


The best example we can give is an experience we had with surveillance cameras several years back.  They worked great at first.  The picture quality was good and we were very happy at the beginning but then the first red flag appeared.  We wanted to see how well the cameras would hold up outside in the summer.  As you can imagine the heat in our part of the country is of particular concern when it comes to electronics so we installed the camera outside in a weatherproof housing.  Within a few weeks it stopped working.  We sent it back to the manufacturer and later found out that rubber belts inside the camera had dried out and broken.  We tried a few more and experienced the same kind of failures on every one we tested.  It became apparent that we couldn’t use them outdoors.  After speaking with the manufacturer about the problem they eventually started making the belts out of a different material which solved the problem.  Those kind of issues can be costly for us but more importantly it is a matter of life safety.  We never want to try and explain why a subscribers system did not work when they needed it the most.


In our previous blog we wrote about how prevalent copper theft has become.  As we mentioned in that article we do have solutions for dealing with the issue however we are still evaluating new devices and techniques for detecting the theft of copper.  One of the devices we have been testing and have recently installed is compatible with any alarm system and is able to detect interruptions in the pressure line for an air conditioning unit.  It is also capable of detecting when the power is turned off to the unit as well as when the cover has been opened.  If you have any questions or comments pertaining to this article or want more information on the products mentioned in it please feel free to click on the “share your thoughts” link at the bottom of this page.  As always you can still contact us by phone (702-382-5000) or via email by clicking on the contact information link at the bottom of our home page.

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