Being in the alarm industry gives us a unique perspective on the trends in crime and how the criminals who perpetrate those crimes do it.  Some criminals are very ingenious and can figure out ways to circumvent whatever systems might be in place to keep them out.  Typically the burglar will choose a target based on how easy it is to get in and out without being detected.  A lot of times however they choose their targets based on how much they think they can get.  They grab items that are valuable, easy to transport and easy to sell.  Jewelry, firearms and electronics have always been popular items for burglars but recently the trend has been copper theft.  The thieves steal it from anywhere they can find it.  Copper wiring in buildings and the copper tubing inside of air conditioning units are of particular concern.  The wire or tubing itself may only be worth $40.00 or $50.00 but the damage the thief causes getting it can result in thousands of dollars in repairs.


Vacant buildings are a particularly inviting target for criminals.  Most of the time they do not have burglary alarms and many times the power has been turned off in order to save money. This makes it even easier for burglars and vandals to break in and take whatever they want because they can stay as long as they need to do it.


There are several steps that you can take to minimize the possibility of something like this happening to your property.  Keeping the power on is important.  If the building looks vacant it will quickly become a target for vandals, thieves and vagrants.  Having an alarm system is equally important, regardless of whether the building is vacant or not because vacant buildings are not the only target right now.  Copper theft is occurring at an alarming rate, even on occupied buildings.  The thieves know there is easy money to be made and they also understand the risk of getting caught is relatively low. 


An alarm system will not prevent someone from getting in but it will likely keep them from staying for as long as they would have otherwise.  That is important to consider because the longer they are there the more damage they will cause.  We have devised several methods of protecting those assets.  We are also testing and evaluating new products all the time in order to find additional ways to stay ahead of the crime.  If you would like any information about the topics or services mentioned in this article please contact us at 702-382-5000.

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