(11/13/2017) Victor Wei

In listening, there are 2 basic paths:  We can either prepare a response while the other person is still talking OR we can focus our attention to understand the other person’s situation and concerns.  In our fast moving culture, it is natural to fall into the first path of preparing our response while the other person is still speaking.  But we at Alarmco want to hear our customers and potential customers security concerns clearly so that we can fully understand how best to address their unique security needs.

We have been listening to our community about the need for cameras and monitoring of alarms on their smartphones at an affordable price.  Our Product Development Group has been working on a product and testing its capability for over 8 months.  We wanted to be sure to offer a product and service that exceeds the reliability of most smartphone capable security systems that are on the market and at an affordable price.

We are excited to announce that a new lineup of products and services will be  announced soon that will continue to provide world-class security services to our community.  The new products and services join an already impressive array of security tools and resources to our residential and commercial customers.  I believe you will be as excited about them as we will be in providing them to you.  

Whether you already subscribe to our existing services of monitoring burglar or fire alarms, utilize our guard/patrol services, or benefit from our lockshop services, or wish to review our complement of services, we will always welcome the opportunity to explore options that address your security concerns and needs. 

As always, our entire staff of professionals are here to listen to you.

Victor Wei

General Manager

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