We searched our database recently to find the customers who have been using our service for the longest amount of time.  What we found was that there are more than a thousand people who have been using Alarmco for more than 20 years and hundreds who have been with us for more than 40 years!  We have been installing, monitoring, servicing and responding to alarms in the area since 1950 and still have customers that have been with us since that time.  In fact many of our customers have children and grandchildren who are using Alarmco.    

We don’t canvass neighborhoods hoping to trick you into getting a system and you won’t see an ad for us every five minutes on the television.  A lot of companies use constant advertising and high pressure sales tactics to offset the high number of customers they lose every day.  We do advertise but the majority of our new agreements still come from the referrals that we get from satisfied customers who have already been using our service for years.


People in the security industry who have first hand knowledge of how we operate and how alarm companies should operate refer their family and friends to us as well.  One example is the gentleman who is responsible for testing and certifying alarm companies that has chosen to use our service.  He has conducted hundreds of inspections and has inspected most of the Central Stations in this valley.  We are not the only company in town that he has visited.  We are, however, the one that he uses for his own home and the one that he recommends to his family and friends. It’s really nice to know that other people in the security industry have that kind of confidence in us and it’s great to know that our customers still feel the same. 


The loyalty that our customers have exhibited over the years is amazing and we are very thankful for that.   Even though we have thousands of customers we try to treat every one of them like they are a part of our own family.  You are not just a number to us and we take a personal interest in what happens to you.  Advertising is important but the foundation for our continued success is the relationships we build with our customers over the course of time.

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