With yet another corporate conglomerate set to enter the security and alarm marketplace it seemed like a good time to explain the differences between a traditional full service security alarm company like Alarmco, Inc and the other types of companies that you might encounter.  One of the main differences is that we are an alarm company first and foremost.  Some of the biggest names in the industry are owned by parent companies that do business all over the world and sell a variety of different products and services.  Most of which are not even related to security.


In contrast to full service alarm companies like Alarmco, dealer central stations have a network of subcontractors who sell and install the alarm systems that they monitor.  For the most part dealers are the ones doing the sales, installation and service and are not employed by the alarm monitoring company.  One of the biggest obstacles to doing business this way is keeping the consistency, quality and continuity that is necessary to providing good service.  Each dealer has their own set of rules and their own way of doing things which means there is no consistency.  The monitoring company answers to the dealers and has no control over how the systems are sold, installed or serviced.


We employ our own installers, service technicians and sales force, therefore we have total control over how the systems are installed and serviced.  We also have control over the practices that our sales people use to get new business.  This is important when you consider the shady tactics that some unscrupulous dealers use.  A good example would be the salesmen that go door to door falsely claiming to represent reputable companies like Alarmco.  They lie and try to convince people that they were sent there by companies they have no affiliation with.  Then they attempt to trick them into signing a new contract with a different company.  There is very little oversight so they can get away with it.  The monitoring company may not even know it is happening.  Worse yet they may know and just decide to overlook it.


Continuity of service is paramount when it comes to an alarm system.  With any luck you will never need it but when you do it had better be working.  How do you guarantee continuity of service if your monitoring contract is being shopped around by your dealer to other monitoring companies?  The answer is that you can’t.  Dealers are always looking for ways to save a buck so it’s only natural that they would try and get a better deal on the cost of the monitoring if the opportunity presented itself.  As a result it’s not uncommon for a dealer to move from one central station to another and take their accounts with them.  Today your alarm might be monitored by one company.  Tomorrow it may be somebody else entirely.  You may not even know it until your alarm goes off the next time!

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