Most residents of Clark County should have received a notice in the mail recently about the upcoming transition to the new 10 digit dialing protocol. The notice also mentioned that a new 725 area code would be added as well.  This means everyone in the county will eventually be required to dial an area code in order to place a call inside or out of Clark County.  It also means that if you have an alarm system it might have to be reprogrammed to dial the area code before the transition is completed next year.  We have already compiled a list of the accounts in our database that will require this change and have begun the process of re-programming those systems before the deadline arrives next year.


The new dialing procedure and area code is necessary because we are reaching the limit of numbers that are available in the 702 range.  Existing numbers will not change so if you already have a number that begins with 702 it will continue to be that way.   You should already be able to make calls using the full 10 digits but it will not be mandatory until May 3, 2014.  At that time you will no longer be able to make a phone call in Clark County unless you dial the area code first.  As always you can still contact the police at 911 for an emergency or 311 for a non-emergency as those numbers will not be affected. 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this topic or any other please post a comment here by clicking on the share your thoughts link at the bottom of this article.  You can also email or contact us by phone using the contact information provided in the about us section of our website which is www.alarmco.com.


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