(01/10/2014) John Williams Alarmco, inc

You are about to set your alarm and leave for a vacation.  Everything is locked and secured so you enter your code, head out the door and trust that if anything happens Alarmco will call you.  We will, but there are a multitude of things that happen in the background here to ensure that we do.  Equipment has to be inspected and tested at regular intervals.  Scheduled maintenance tasks have to be performed.  The security of our property has to be maintained and ongoing training is necessary to provide services that are never interrupted.  What good is it to have an alarm that no one calls or responds to?  What good would it be to have one if there were no qualified technicians to install or repair it?  The obvious answer to both of those questions is that it wouldn’t be much good at all which is why we take so much care and devote so much time to things like generators, ups systems, security  and training. 

Weekly generator and ups testing is one example of how we prepare for situations that are out of our control.  We test our generator and ups systems to make sure that everything will work without interruption when we experience power failures.  When one occurs our monitoring station continues to run on UPS power.  If the power remains out for an extended period of time our generator takes over and we continue to operate.  The computer servers and receiving equipment at Alarmco is tested and maintained in a similar fashion.  Each piece of equipment has a backup which is meticulously tested and always ready to be deployed in the event that there is a hardware failure.

The physical security of this property and our personnel is critical.  Therefore our security officers regularly patrol the interior and exterior of our buildings and grounds.  The entire property has a fence around it.  It is protected by burglar alarms, access control systems and a state of the art camera system that is continuously monitored and recorded.  We conduct periodic testing and regular maintenance on all those systems but we don’t stop there because being prepared is not just about the infrastructure or the tools we utilize.  Choosing the right people and giving them the proper training to use those tools is essential.  Every employee at Alarmco is required to pass a pre-employment drug screening.  They undergo background checks, are required to obtain work cards from Clark County and also licenses from the State of Nevada Private Investigators Licensing board.  Even though it is impossible to account for every contingency we make every effort to be prepared for most of them and are always looking for ways to improve.

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