Every time there is a natural disaster or severe storm like the one we saw last week in the northeast it reminds us all about how important it is to be prepared.  The Las Vegas area is not as susceptible to natural disasters or storms of that magnitude but that doesn’t stop us from planning and preparing for the worst. 


One of the biggest obstacles people and companies face during that type of crisis is how to get fuel.  Even if the gas stations in the area have fuel they can’t pump it without electricity.  We operate our own underground storage tank which we use to keep our vehicles running every day.  We also use it to power our generator and some of the infrastructure on our property if the electricity goes out for an extended period of time.  It used to be a little more difficult to imagine being in a situation like the one that occurred last week but not so much anymore.  After seeing all the news accounts of the fuel shortages and power outages caused by Sandy it made me consider how fortunate we are that our predecessors had the foresight to have that tank installed years ago.  It also made me consider how dependent we all are on electricity, cell service and the internet these days. 


The ways we typically communicate today always seem to break down during a disaster.  Cell services get overloaded and stop working.  Phone and cable lines get damaged resulting in the phone and internet services being interrupted.  We have back up plans for those situations as well.  We try to consider as many contingencies as possible so that we will remain operational in the event something happens.  Unfortunately you can’t plan for everything but rest assured we will keep trying.


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