The last few months have been very exciting.  We are proud to announce that we have added the following new services:  My Remote Keypad, I-Bridge and Videofied .  Each of these products can greatly enhance the security of your property and also provide a variety of conveniences that you might find very useful.   For more information about these products  contact us at 702-382-5000 or email us at


My Remote Keypad-

A user can interact with their burglar alarms remotely by utilizing a smart device or computer.  When connected through a smart phone, tablet or computer the user can control the burglar alarm in the same way they can if they were standing in front of it.  They can turn it on, turn it off and check the current status of the system.  They can also change codes, bypass zones and access any other function they would normally have access to at the control pad.  My Remote Keypad works with most Napco Gemini control panels.



The I-Bridge module from Napco provides the same functionality as the My Remote Keypad but has a number of other added benefits.  Some of the additional features that the I-Bridge module provides are the abilities to view your cameras, control your lighting, lock your doors and adjust the temperature on your thermostats using the same application that you would use to control the burglar alarm.  As with the My Remote Keypad the application can be accessed from any smart device or computer that has an internet connection. 



We have made arrangements with RSI Video Technologies to begin installing and monitoring their Videofied line of products.  Videofied can be added to an existing burglar alarm or be installed as a stand-alone system.  The piece that differs from what traditional burglar alarms offer is called a “motion viewer” which is a motion detector with the added benefit of having a camera built into the same unit.  The system is designed to transmit a short video clip of what trips the motion viewer allowing the central station to see what actually causes the alarm to go off.  Another feature that sets Videofied apart from other types of systems is the option for it to be wireless.  The entire system can run on batteries and can even communicate with our Central Station without a phone line.  It’s a great solution for anyone that has a building that does not have power or phone service.



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