Will my alarm work if the power goes out?

Every alarm should have a back up battery which allows the system to operate temporarily even when the power is interrupted.  As long as the battery is still in good working condition it should sustain the system temporarily until power is restored.  The internal battery for an alarm control is recharged by the control when it has power.  Eventually every battery becomes useless and needs to be replaced.  Most systems will indicate some kind of system trouble when the battery is not strong enough and/or does not re-charge anymore. 


How long will the system operate on just the system battery?

Typically 4-24 hours depending on a number of variables.  Some of those variables are the age of the battery, the number of powered devices that it has to power and how often the battery has been discharged/recharged while it has been in service.  Whether it is armed, disarmed, idle or sounding also makes a difference.


How often should the back up battery be replaced?

While it’s not uncommon for a battery to last longer we recommend that they be replaced at least every 4 years.  How long it will actually last depends on the conditions in which it operates in.  A system that is idle most of the time won’t tax the battery as much as one that is used a lot more.  Battery life can also be affected by the temperatures that it operates in.


Why do we call in the middle of the night for power failures and system low batteries?

In many cases the first indication that there is a problem is when we receive a power fail or low battery.  Our protocol has always been to call and dispatch on system low battery and power failure signals unless instructed to do otherwise by someone who has a valid passcode for that account.  If you do not want us to call and/or dispatch on those signal types you can always request that the protocol be changed for your specific account.


Is there battery backup for the smoke, heat or carbon monoxide detectors that were installed with my alarm?

The internal battery in your alarm control panel should supply power to any devices that are wired into the system.  Newer wireless smoke detectors that are integrated into an alarm system will usually report low battery conditions to the central station that monitors the system.  The system should also indicate a trouble on the control pad as well when it is time to replace the battery in the panel or a device.

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