A few weeks ago we found out first hand just how important and useful a panic button can be.  A family member of one of our employees fell down while she was alone at home.  She was injured, incapacitated and unable to reach the phone.  Thankfully, her family had recently had an alarm installed by Alarmco complete with a portable panic button for her to use while they are at work.  She used it to alert us that there was a problem and fortunately everything turned out ok.  She had a few scrapes and bruises but nothing that was too serious.  The time that elapsed between when the signal was received to when they arrived to check on her was less than an hour.  If she didn’t have the panic button that day it would likely have been more than 5 hours before anyone got home.   


Since they both work during the day and their mother is at home by herself they felt it would be a good idea to get something she could use in case there was an emergency.  Within the first week they realized the benefits of that decision.  It shouldn’t be a secret to most people by now that Americans are getting older as a society and that within the next decade or so we are all going to be affected by this trend in one way or another.  Many of us are already making decisions now about how to care for our loved ones when they have limitations that prevent them from caring for themselves.  The options are numerous and vary depending on the severity of their conditions.  Some people need full time care.  Some people just need a little bit of help.  Safety is always the primary concern and usually determines whether they can live by themselves or not.


Panic buttons are a great tool that can help keep people safe and still remain independent into their later years or just when you want a little more peace of mind.  They can be portable and worn around the neck, or carried in your pocket.  If there is a problem and you need to press the button we can dispatch the authorities and call the people you have listed on the contact list so they can check on you.  Traditionally panic buttons were only used as a means to signal the police when someone was being robbed, however with the introduction of the wireless technologies we have today the applications for them are more diverse now.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this topic or any other articles included here please feel free to click on the link below to post a comment.   


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