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A recent Contact 13 article has highlighted what for the past few years has plagued legitimate Alarm companies here in Sothern Nevada and across the nation. 

Follow the link below for the full story.

Over the past few years Southern Nevada Alarm Companies have been dealing with the aftermath of imposter Alarm companies coming into Southern Nevada from out of state posing as representatives of legitimate Alarm companies here in Las Vegas.

These people show up at your door un-announced claiming to be a representative of your Alarm Company stating they are there to change out your alarm equipment and get you get you to enter into a new 2-3 year agreement.  Even worse, they may claim that your current alarm company has gone out of business and that they are replacing them as the new alarm company.

To an unwary customer this may at first seem legitimate, but it is not.  After removing the existing equipment and putting in their own, most of the hardware does not function correctly or is improperly installed.  On more than a few occasions Alarmco customers have been duped by these imposters.

Alarmco is asking our customers to be diligent in order to reduce and stop these imposters.

All Alarmco employees are required to carry company identification as well as county mandated identification such as a Sheriff’s work card.  An Alarmco representative will never show up at your at your residence without first scheduling a site visit via phone.

Alarmco also asks that if someone does show up at your residence claiming to be from Alarmco that you ask for identification before allowing them into your home or to work on your alarm system. If you still have doubts you can call our office to verify. 

6.76.090 - Employees.

No burglar alarm systems licensee shall employ, and no person shall accept employment as an employee of a burglar alarm system licensee until such employee shall have registered and obtained a sheriff's card from the sheriff and shall have paid the investigation fee as required in Section 6.68.030. No sheriff card shall be issued to any person convicted of a felony or two or more misdemeanors involving moral turpitude

For more info on requirements from Clark County click the link below!

6.76.110 - Alarm service.

All alarms installed by the licensee shall terminate in an office of the licensee. The licensee, having reason to believe there is a valid alarm, will immediately notify the sheriff and dispatch his employee or employees to that location. For the purpose of notifying the sheriff, the maximum equipment allowed shall be a direct line to the sheriff's switchboard, but such line shall only be voice actuated and no mechanical or electronic actuation shall be permitted.

·        Every licensee maintaining an alarm device shall post a framed notice containing the name, address and telephone number of the person to be notified to render repairs or service during any hour of the day or night that the alarm rings. Such notice shall be posted near the alarm in such a position as to be legible from the ground level adjacent to the building.

·        No alarm with a sound similar to that of any emergency vehicle or civil defense siren shall be installed. Upon notification by the sheriff or other source that a ringer-type alarm is ringing, the licensee shall immediately dispatch an employee or employees to the location.

·        When notifying the sheriff of an alarm, the licensee shall state his business name and furnish the exact address from which the alarm originated, the name and type of establishment and, if more than one floor or department, the precise location of the alarm shall be given and the type of alarm, such as silent robbery, silent burglary, or ringer-type alarm.

·        It shall be the responsibility of the licensee to install and maintain a trouble-free alarm system, and clearly instruct his subscribers in the use and operation of the alarm, and especially those factors which can cause a false alarm. Periodic inspections shall be made by the licensee or his employee to reeducate the subscriber and his employees to obtain compliance.

·        Licensees using an answering service for their alarm service other than a central office service under their immediate supervision, shall be responsible for giving proper instructions to the answering service personnel for their compliance.

(Ord. 354 (part), 1970)

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