If you have ever shopped for an alarm you might have already discovered that there are a lot of companies to choose from.  If the initial installation cost was the only thing you had to consider it would be very easy to decide which company is best.  It would be the one that offers the $99.00 special or gives it away for “free” of course but in this case the old adage that nothing is free definitely applies.  If you have ever seen the ads for the discounted alarm system packages that some companies offer you might have also noticed the tiny print at the bottom of the screen or ad.  Those are all the restrictions and exclusions to the offer that you should know about before hand. 


When you are talking about your safety you should also consider how reliable that company is and what you are getting for your $99.00.  Most of the time you end up signing a very long contract and paying additional hidden fees that were never disclosed to you during the initial sale.  Your monthly service fees might be double or triple the cost of what it would normally be because they have to recoup the cost of the equipment they just “gave” you.  The equipment you get will be substandard and inadequate and there is a very good chance that it won’t go off if you are burglarized.  That is because they usually do not provide adequate coverage. 


For that price you typically will get an all in one control which will look like a big toy hanging on your wall rather than a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment.  The keypad and sounder will usually be built right into the control unit which will make it very convenient for a burglar in the unlikely event that they do happen to set it off.  You will also probably get two door contacts and one motion detector which will only cover one room leaving the rest of the home or business unprotected. 


After you call them to explain that you have been broken into they will send someone out to service the equipment which is where the up-selling begins.  They will tell you where all the holes are and then attempt to sell you the equipment they should have sold you when you initially started doing business with them.  When they hand you a nice bill for the remainder of the installation costs you will soon realize that it was not free after all.  Unfortunately most people don’t realize that until after they have already been taken advantage of.


Alarmco does not operate that way.  We will offer you an honest price up-front without any hidden fees or costs.  We only install full systems that have complete coverage and we will not compromise your safety or our reputation by selling you a false sense of security.   If you have any questions or comments pertaining to this article or want more information please feel free to click on the “share your thoughts” link at the bottom of this page.  As always you can still contact us by phone (702-382-5000) or via email by clicking on the contact information link at the bottom of our home page.

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