Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity.  The burglar makes entry through the easiest way possible, quickly takes whatever is valuable and is easy to carry and then they make a hasty retreat.  Therefore anything that is valuable, important or sentimental should always be stored in a safe place.  Not only because it can be stolen, but also because it can be damaged or destroyed in a fire.  Anything that is easy to carry and valuable would be of interest to a burglar but items such as jewelry, firearms, important documents, cash and credit cards should always be stored in a good quality fire proof safe that is hidden and/or not easily carried away.       

Jewelry is very easy to carry, can be very expensive and often times has sentimental value.  It can’t be replaced if it is stolen or destroyed in a fire.  Important legal documents such as wills and deeds are very fragile and can also be difficult to replace if damaged, destroyed or stolen.  In most circumstances large sums of cash are not insured.  Most homeowners insurance policies cap the amount of cash you can claim in a loss at $200.00 so if you are in the habit of keeping large amounts of money on your property it would definitely be worth considering investing in a good quality fire proof safe. 

 Firearms are of particular concern because they are easy to carry, easy to sell and could potentially hurt someone if they fell into the wrong hands.  They should always be stored in a gun safe.  Not only to protect them from being stolen but more importantly for safety reasons.  Terrible accidents occur every day when children find unsecured firearms.  Unfortunately many times the end result is that they end up hurting or killing themselves or other children.  If you have a firearm it is imperative that you have a good quality gun safe.  We offer a wide variety of them and other kinds of safes to choose from in the Alarmco Lock Shop.  Contact us if you have any questions. 

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